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Review: Chaste by Jesse Teller

Sometimes I just really like a dark fantasy story, and this one is, uh... pretty damn dark. ūüėÄ Most of my reading these days is either primarily at night right before I sleep, or at work in between bouts of... Continue Reading →

Review: Stone Cold Bastards by Jake Bible

Gargoyles! This is a type of creature that you don't often see in fantasy. There's so much amazing potential for them as either protagonists or antagonists in fantasy though. This book came to my attention because the audiobook is¬†narrated by... Continue Reading →

Review: Lost Boy by Christina Henry

There are two stories in this world (and their¬†Disney movie adaptations if I'm being real with you guys) that I have enjoyed since I was old enough to read... or, y'know... form meaningful opinions on things. One is Alice in... Continue Reading →

Review: The Djinn Falls in Love – edited by Mahvesh Murad & Jared Shurin

I love, love, love me some djinn. Whether they're good, or bad, or a bit of both, I love djinn. Possessing people, living in a lamp, or granting wishes- It is allllll good. So, of course when I learned that... Continue Reading →

Review: The Iron Circlet by Phil Tucker

Ohhhh Chronicles of the Black Gate. The kind of books that, upon hearing that the 4th book in the series is released, I immediately drop everything I'm doing and pick it up. Yep, that happened. Witcher 3 - dropped. Other... Continue Reading →

Review: The Cycle of Arawn by Edward W. Robertson

Yeeep, the whole thing. An entire trilogy (I promise I won't spoil any of it.) That's how this audiobook comes. Firstly, I wasn't expecting to actually sit here and listen to the entire thing at once (I didn't. I have... Continue Reading →

Review: Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Gods above and below, I love me some Urban Fantasy. I always seem to forget this fact, and get into accidental long stretches of not reading UF stuff. Every time a book in one of the UF series I follow... Continue Reading →

Review: Fionn – Defence of R√°th Bl√°dhma by Brian O’Sullivan

Another SPFBO finalist makes its way into my eyes this week! This one is based on actual Irish mythology, specifically the Fenian Cycle, specifically-specifically The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn, which is something like a retelling¬†of the early life of the... Continue Reading →

Review: Fae – The Realm of Twilight by Graham Austin-King

I listened to the first volume of this series in audio late last year and so then immediately hoped and hoped for a volume two audiobook- and LO AND BEHOLD, IT IS HERE! I'm going to keep this as spoiler-free... Continue Reading →

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