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Review: The Djinn Falls in Love – edited by Mahvesh Murad & Jared Shurin

I love, love, love me some djinn. Whether they're good, or bad, or a bit of both, I love djinn. Possessing people, living in a lamp, or granting wishes- It is allllll good. So, of course when I learned that... Continue Reading →

Review: Fionn – Defence of Ráth Bládhma by Brian O’Sullivan

Another SPFBO finalist makes its way into my eyes this week! This one is based on actual Irish mythology, specifically the Fenian Cycle, specifically-specifically The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn, which is something like a retelling of the early life of the... Continue Reading →

Review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Last year, he announced that he had written a book of Norse Mythology, and the world rejoiced (well, I mean... I rejoiced. I assume others out there did too. I don't keep track of the *whole* world). And so the... Continue Reading →

Review: The Blood-Tainted Winter by T.L. Greylock

I love a good Viking story. Love me some Norse mythology, too, so getting comfy with some tea and this book was pretty much a certainty. Raef Skallagrim wants to take the sea road. His ship is fast and sleek,... Continue Reading →

Review: They Mostly Come Out at Night by Benedict Patrick

Mmm folklore. Is there anything it can't do? OK... probably a lot of things. But that's beside the point here. This is a world that is steeped in some rich folklore, and I have to say I loved it right... Continue Reading →

RetroReview: Paternus by Dyrk Ashton

Oh, Paternus. Never stop being a big mythological smoothie of awesome. I read Paternus in December. Then I listened to the audiobook in... also December. This is unusual because I very rarely reread books, never mind within 2 weeks of... Continue Reading →

Review: The Empire of the Dead by Phil Tucker

I picked this one up on its release day, being a pretty big fan of Tucker's Chronicles of the Black Gate series. This one intrigued me because it was described to me as "necro-Sumerian Ocean's Eleven fantasy" which, let's all... Continue Reading →

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